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This is THE posing guide you have waited for YEARS to arrive! Created by Michelle Moore, this guide is so much more than a “posing guide”. It delves in to working with teens, getting them relaxed in front of the camera and helps you find your shooting style so you too, can get those amazing relaxed and natural looking poses!!

Are you looking to gain confidence in your shooting and directing teen clients? Are you seeking out advice on how to get your teen clients relaxed in front of the camera? Do you want all those little tips and tricks to make your poses look great? THIS IS THE GUIDE FOR YOU!

If you are looking for 25 poses to “copy”, a quick answer to all your posing problems, or the magic “secret” ingredient to be amazing over-night, this is NOT the guide for you. In this guide you will read over 60 pages of insightful text, learn from my experiences, and gather the tools needed to boost your confidence, and step up your game in your portrait photography. I truly believe there is no secret sauce, or special gear that will transform you in an instant. I hope to teach you the skills needed to continue to grow as a Photographer and help get you there by sharing my knowledge and answers to successful images.

Michelle has been shooting high school seniors since 2007 and has photographed hundreds of teens of all personality types. As an industry leader and innovator this brand-new guide is like nothing else you have found on the market. This guide will teach you how to gain confidence in yourself, prepare you for working with teens and give you the advice you have been wanting to execute a successful portrait session! This guide is meant for ANY level of Photographer, whether you are just starting out on your high school portrait career, or want to learn more tips about how Michelle gets those classic shots that parents love and will buy.

What is included in this guide?

* 60+ pages and more than 100 images for inspiration
* Gear – the Basics / Michelle’s go-to gear
* Location – the Basics / Working on-location with teens
* Learning how to find your style, while also shooting for the sale
* How to prepare your clients for their photoshoot
* Finding confidence in yourself and Photography before heading to your first shoot
* Learning how to connect with your teen clients
* Tips on all the little details that make or break a pose
* Ways to guide your clients through natural poses to create great images
* The “MM” must-have shot list
* …and more!

This guide is full of 60+ pages of images and text that talks you through all the basics of getting comfortable with your gear, your clients, and your shooting style so that you can walk into any situation relaxed and confident. Throughout the guide there is a ton of imagery we shot JUST for the guide that tells you all about how to get those great smiling, laughing natural shots, and what I have learned over the years of how to get the same fun images with YOUR clients!!

What they are saying about the POSING & MORE guide…
I just wanted to tell you that I love your new Posing & Moore resource guide. I think you really listened to your photographer fans. I say this because when you asked for feedback on what to include, I specifically asked for tips on interacting with your clients and some posing workflow, and you included both of those things. You’ve really managed to create something special and unique. Well done, you!!! And thanks!!!!![Kim Gasper]

I spent the morning reading through Posing & Moore guide and it is not a posing guide – it is so much more than that! It covers everything you need to feel confident on your senior shoot! I was blown away by the amount of information that Michelle provided and I cannot wait to put all of it into practice. I do think I got more out of the guide because I took the breakout session on CM as they really compliment each other. If you have not purchased the guide yet I highly recommend you do!Heather Nordell

Just read through Posing & Moore in its entirety in one sitting. Wow, I can’t wait to go back and read it again! In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to read it over before each senior session to give me the confidence boost I need before I get out there and shoot. And now I’m armed with tips on giving my CLIENTS a confidence boost, too. One thing that makes this posing guide stand out above than the others I have seen is that it focuses more on the natural flow of setting up & capturing the perfect shot. It’s not just “have her put one hand here and one hand there.” The guide really goes into detail about how to get your clients to fall into the pose you want naturally. The resulting poses then seem candid… in a good way. – [Katie Cawood]

Thank you [Michelle] for working so hard to get this posing guide into our hands last night! I read it this morning and shot my first 2013 Senior Session tonight. The Posing & Moore was so incredibly helpful! It was the perfect extension of what you taught in the CM Breakout Session. I will be reading this guide before each Senior Session to refresh my mind, boost my confidence and remind me of how to control the session through posing and how I speak to each Senior. Tonight’s session was my best yet! The best part was halfway through when the girl said, “I love this! This is so much fun!” Just the response I was hoping for![Cindy Short]

LOVE the Posing & Moore guide [Michelle]! You touched on everything I was hoping you would. I feel like I have a better idea now of how to approach the stiff shy teens and the overall approach to a more natural “posed” shoot. Thank you Thank you![Cynthia Finley]

I feel like I grew leaps and bounds with my last session due to the POSING & MOORE guide! Going into this prom dress shoot I found I had more confidence in my ability, the flow of the session and using the available light to my best advantage! The techniques I learned made this session fun, stress free and helped achieve a wide variety of poses and facial expressions! I will be referencing this guide again before future shoots as a nice refresher! Thanks Michelle![Sarah Hart Boyd] (See image on right from Sarah’s session after reading the guide)

Having worked full time for over 10 years as a Photographer, staying fresh with posing is something I’ve always struggled with. Michelle’s guide really helped me spice things up and re-think my approach. Seriously worth a read.[John Edgar]

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Our guide has already been purchased in over 20 countries… and counting as well as across the US. I am SO humbled to see my words traveling so far across the country and the WORLD!!! Thank you to everyone who has purchased – this is only the beginning…!! XOXO

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